Khloé and Kylie Clash at the Club

More tension is brewing amongst the Kardashian and Jenner sisters because Kylie Jenner is always leaving to go spend time with her boyfriend, Tyga. This time it was at a party celebrating her appearance on a magazine cover. The party started off well enough. Kendall explained, “It’s really exciting because it’s Fashion Week and all my sisters are here, which has never really happened before.” “To be out and doing something fun with Kourtney out on the town, and then [with] Kendall and Kylie, it’s like super excited,” added Khloé Kardashian.


But then Tyga wanted to leave, so Kylie agreed to ditch the party. A frustrated Khloé said, “Don’t leave — I never go out. I only came for you.” Khloé then proceeded to get in Kylie’s face, but Kylie left anyway. “Kylie, that’s f***ed up. That’s f***ed up,” Khloé said in her face. Later, in a confessional, Kylie said, “It’s kind of frustrating when my older sisters always lecture me.”

This clip, released in advance of Sunday’s Keeping up With the Kardashians, is yet another rebellious moment for Kylie in recent days. A Snapchat she shared on Thursday showed her in her friend Jordyn Woods’s car, blowing smoke from an e-cigarette. The Instagram account kylizzlesnapchats captured it for posterity:

Jenner smoking from an e-cig harkened back to an incident in May when it appeared she was proclaiming to be as “high as f***.” She would go on to say that she was actually describing the chicken and that it was “good as f***.” As to what she was smoking in the recent Snapchat, there has yet to have been any clarification.


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