Say What Now? 14-Year-Old Bites Into a Snickers Bar, Finds a Razor Blade

halloween candy snickers

A 14-year-old Ohio teenager lived every parent’s worst Halloween nightmare when she discovered a razor blade after biting into a Snickers bar on Thursday.

via Dispatch:

Reynoldsburg officers were called to a house on Kingsley Drive about 9 p.m. on Thursday, after a 14-year-old girl said she bit into the candy bar collected earlier in the evening and found the razor blade. The girl wasn’t hurt.

Mauger described it as a sliver of a blade, the kind that would come out if someone tore apart a disposable razor. He said the sergeant who responded to the home and took the report is a 30-year veteran and he doesn’t think it was a hoax.

He said that police will try to determine whether the tainted candy came from somewhere in the neighborhood where the candy was collected — the area of Kingsley and Taylor drives — from a store, or someplace else. The investigation continues.

Lt. Shane Mauger said there is no need for panic, as some central Ohio communities continue with Beggars Nights tonight and Saturday.

“What we have right now is an isolated incident,” Mauger said. “Parents should just be vigilant.”

The police department fielded many calls today, both from concerned residents and from reporters across the country who were interested in the story.

Adding to the angst was a report from Hebron in Licking County that someone thought they’d received marijuana-laced chocolate during trick-or-treating there. Police sent the candy to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation labs, which rushed it through testing and found the claim to be unfounded.

Even so, Mauger said he continues to tell parents to be cautious.

“If something has been slipped inside candy, there will be damage — some sort of small rip or a tear,” he said. “Parents should be able to see something.”


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