2-Year-Old Boy Found Sleeping on Park Bench After Day Care Accidentally Leaves Him Behind

A two-year-old boy was reportedly found sleeping on a park bench after his daycare center left him behind.

Ethan Huachi went to the park in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, New York on Thursday with staff and children from Quality of Life Academy Daycare.

Staff had taken 17 kids to the park but when they left, they counted them wrong and only left with 16, the NYPD said.

After the rest of the group headed back to the facility, the little boy was left alone for more than an hour and “a random lady found him sleeping on a park bench,” his mother, Diana Huachi, told ABC7.

After he was found around 1pm, Ethan was taken to a hospital and then the 72nd Precinct, where he was cared for as police tried to track down his parents, the NYPD said.

Cops tweeted out his picture in the hope that someone would recognize him.

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missing child has been reunited with mother! Big thanks to

Someone spotted the tweet and contacted the daycare center  which then alerted Ethan’s mother, the police said. The mom and a daycare worker then headed to the police precinct together.

“The child was reunited with the mother in good health and condition,” the police said in a statement. “Investigation remains underway.”

His mom reportedly said that the daycare staff didn’t even realize that he was missing.

She added:  “Anything could have happened. Anybody, a psycho could have taken him somewhere and that would have been the last day for me to see him this morning, dropping him off.”

Quality of Life Academy has shuttered while the matter is being invesigated. Records reportedly show they are only licensed to care for 15 children at a time.

Calls to the center were not returned on Friday morning.

It is not known if any charges will be brought.


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